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My Latest Financial Trading Sites

My Latest Sites : As I'm sure many of you know, I am always developing newonline trading investing sites covering topics related to both trading and investing. All the information I provide is free, as I always feel that new traders and investors often get a raw deal when it comes to learning about financial trading or the various ways to invest for the future. I am always happy to help where I can with free advice so please do drop me a line as I do enjoy hearing from you all.

I also welcome comments you may have on the sites themselves, so if there are things that you don't like, and hopefully things that you do, I will  I am always respond and welcome any feedback. Some of the topics I cover are quite complex, and as you will appreciate it is only possible to provide a broad introduction to the subject, but I hope at least the information you find will point you in the right direction, and with a good grasp of the basics. If you do like any of my sites I would be most grateful if you could kindly bookmark them, as this helps others find them on the internet.

My Latest Sites Details of the new site
Free Download Of MT4 Learn all about the MT4 metatrader trading platform for both forex and commodities trading, and get a free download copy of the trading platform to try for yourself.
Crude Oil Daily Prices My daily oil blog which I write each morning and update. The articles provide a preview and forecast of the future market direction for spot crude oil prices, using both technical and fundamental analysis. This site will be updated with weekly videos shortly.
Gold Market Analysis Daily My daily blog on the spot gold market. I provide an analysis of the daily gold chart each day, with trading suggestions. This site will be updated with weekly videos shortly.
Spot Silver Analysis My daily spot silver blog which I write each morning and update. Daily analysis of the spot silver market along with trading recommendations based on a technical analysis of the silver chart. This site will be updated with weekly videos shortly.
Binary Trading Binary odds are very similar to fixed odds - a great way to start trading with limited and known risks on the down side before you open a position. As with fixed odds there is no leverage so a great way to learn with real money!
Fixed Odds Trading Fixed odds trading is an excellent way to start trading in the financial markets. With a known profit and loss before you enter the trade, and no leverage to worry about, it is an ideal way to start in my view.
Financial Spread Betting If you are looking to make a start in financial spread betting, please visit this site first. Everything you need to know is explained in detail - the risks and the rewards!
Trading Online Help A library of trading questions and my answers - ask a question or comment on other peoples questions!
Trading Oil Learn all about how to trade oil using OTC mini oil futures
Best Mutual Funds Explained Mutual funds should certainly be considered as part of your overall investing strategy. The site provides an introduction to all the basic terms and types of fund available.
Best Savings Rates The site explains all about interest rates, how to choose the best savings accounts, and explains the power of compounding.
Best Mortgage Deals Almost everything you need to know about mortgages. The different types are explained in detail along with the benefits and pitfalls of each. Primarily for UK based clients
Saving Bonds Here I look at the world of saving using bonds, in the UK, US and Canada. I try to explain how they work and the pros and cons of each. 
Best ISA Again this one is for UK clients. Choosing the best type ISA can be extremely difficult. I try to give some pointers as to what to look in the small print the things you need to think about before investing your money, and the various types available.
USD to CAD A detailed look at this popular currency pair. If you are planning on trading currency or investing  in Canada I have tried to cover both the fundamental and technical issues which may affect future exchange rates for the pair.
Yen to Dollar Another popular pair. Here I have explained the Japanese economy in detail as it is one of the most interesting from an economic and trading perspective. If you are using the carry trade in your trading, this one is worth a read!
Pounds To Dollars Whether you are a trader or investor, you cannot escape the importance of the pound to US dollar exchange rates. Whilst the once mighty US dollar is losing some of it's importance to the Euro, it is still one of the most liquid and widely traded pairs. Here again I try to cover both technical and fundamental issues.
COT Report If you don't already use the COT report in your trading, I would urge you to read this site. The report provides an interesting set of data which can provide pointers to significant future trends.
Currency Futures Trading Not for everyone but I hope it provides and introduction to the world of trading in currency futures. If you already trade in FX, then futures may be a strategy for "the future!"
Futures Trading Again, futures may not be for everyone, but this is where I started my trading career dealing direct onto the floor of the exchange using a broker. In those days the internet didn't exist!!
Currency Options Trading This is one strategy that few currency traders use, simply because they don't understand options. So I would suggest you start with my options site and then have a look at currency options to use as a hedge to your spot market trades.
Currency Trading If you are starting our in FX and would like a good grounding in the basics based on my experience and knowledge, please start here!
Options Trading Everyone gets terribly nervous as soon as you mention the word options - which is silly, as these as no different to other forms of investment and trading. I have tried to cover the topic in a simple and clear way, to give you a sound grasp of the basics and hopefully to remove some of the fear factor.
Covered Calls A favourite trading strategy of mine. If you have a portfolio of stocks then writing covered calls can be an excellent way to generate some additional income and to provide some downside protection to your stocks -but you will need to understand options, so please start there!
The Straddle This is an options strategy - pure and simple. If you don't know which way the market is going, but believe it may move significantly in the future, then this is an excellent way to profit from such moves. Again you will need to start with options.
Japanese Candlestick Patterns I developed this site to highlight some of the most important candle patterns which you can use to identify major turning points. There are hundreds of patterns but in my view these are the key ones.
Trading Plans Perhaps the most important site of all - without a trading plan you will fail I'm afraid! - I have tried to explain how to develop and write one based on your own circumstances and the type of trading you are proposing to adopt using simple examples.
Free Stock Market Game Here I teach you how I pick stocks for my own investing, and there is also a free game which will allow you play on the markets with real prices and real quotes. A great way to learn for free and they also offer daily weekly and monthly prizes for the best portfolio performance, so please give it a try.
The Euro vs Dollar  The most widely traded currency pair. Here again I try to provide both an technical and fundamental view of the currency pair.
The Euro to Dollar This site is more about the risks of investing in euro dollar assets, and explains the dangers that you need to be aware of as an investor.
Euros to Pounds I've tried to provide a guide to property investing in Europe here, with one or two suggestions of which countries I feel would be interesting from an investing point of view. In addition I look at the euro pound currency pair and suggest where I think it may be heading in the future.

Naturally if there are any topics you would like covered in more detail then please just drop me a line and ask. I am always happy to consider any suggestions for new sites. At the moment I am working on several sites including one on mutual funds, so there will be plenty more up soon.

Wishing you every success and I hope the above sites provide useful information for your trading and investing strategies - kind regards - Anna