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Online Trading : Financial Astrology

Financial astrology: This was originally going to be a bit of light reliefonline stock trading and include whether our star signs influences our online trading and investing in stocks, options and forex, but I discovered that it can be used more widely.  For example according to astrologists the worst career for someone born under the sign of Capricorn - 22nd December to 19th January - would be one that involved an element of risk taking such as business or stock broking even though they are good with money and financially savvy and can make good decisions to make their money grow.  Meanwhile Aries - 21st March to 19th April - have the ability to take quick decisions and think rapidly which helps them if they decide to opt for careers in stock broking, investment or trading. For those of you wondering, I am an Aries! - as you will see I have included all the star signs at the bottom of this page which may give you some help and guidance in identifying your personality and whether you may be suited to trading!

Financial Astrology: Introduction

However, during my research I discovered that astrology has been used for many years by the great and the good and I was also somewhat surprised to learn that J P Morgan himself regularly consulted his personal astrologer, Evangeline Adams before making any important investment decision.  He is reputed to have said:  "anyone can become a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer". 

 We all know that astrology has been around for centuries with financial astrology being used by grain traders in India.  Even Aristotle recorded the story of Thales of Miletus (699-635BC) who used his knowledge of the heavens to predict a bumper olive crop and thereby made money by the rental of olive presses. In more modern times even Walt Disney is supposed to have used astrology to time the launch of his many projects.  W D Gann used astrological principles to develop his trading style and made over $50 million over the course of his career.  His legacy, aside from his reputation and writing, lives on in the Gann Trend Indicator Line which is used in swing trading. The Gann wheel is based on Indian Sidereal Astrology which was first used by tea merchants in 17th century India.

If you accept that financial astrology is becoming an accepted method of market analysis, along with fundamental and technical analysis, how does it work?  Partly it is due to the fact that planetary forces are said to exert their influences on the collective psyche of investors (aka the herd mentality!), which in turn will cause major market moves.  The phases of the moon are said to have a powerful effect on mass mood.  It is an old trading adage that markets often reverse trends on the days before and after a full moon. Financial astrology can also be said to work in cycles similar to the market cycles of boom and bust.  The Jupiter-Saturn is said to coincide with a major change of market emphasis and lasts about 20 years.  Other cycles are said to exist around the Saturn-Uranus configuration.

Financial Astrology: Astrology Trading Star Sign

If you want to find out whether you are suited to trading, according to your star sign, have a look at the star signs below. As I said I am an Aries ( on the cusp of Pisces) - this is a light hearted look at trading and your personality, so please bear this in mind when reading the comments!!

star sign aries financial astrologyAries - 21st March - 19th April

Aries have  the ability to take quick decisions and to think rapidly. With a strong personality they are always looking for new challenges. Daring with lots of initiative they can be impatient and impulsive leading to rash decisions.

Aries traders will need a sound trading plan in order to stop them trading on instinct and emotion. Trading from boredom could be a problem for them!! Probably not frightened of taking managed losses. Would probably look to trade some of the higher risk markets such as currency, options, or other derivatives.

star sign Taurus financial astrologyTaurus - 20th April - 20th May

Taurus have a natural ability for handling money allied to a deep artistic streak. They tend to do well in banking and finance. Ruled by Venus, money and financial security is very important to them. They tend to have great reserves of inner strength but can be inflexible and stubborn at times.

Taurus traders my have a problem in knowing when to change their plan. With the importance of financial security, they may have a problem starting, and if so handling losses could be an issue for them. Again a sound trading plan is key.  They would probably prefer the lower risk markets such as longer term investment type strategies in stocks and shares.

star sign GeminiGemini - 21st May - 21st June

They are quick to grasp ideas and good communicators. Succeed where there is plenty of interaction with other people. However, decision making can be difficult. Being restless souls they may start a project but not end it.

The issue for Gemini traders, could be having the determination to overcome the pitfalls and obstacles in order to achieve success. Trading is a very solitary occupation and without the support of others can be very disheartening.  Gemini traders may be better suited to low risk investments with small amounts of money such as blue chip stocks and shares.

star sign CancerCancer - 22nd June - 22nd July

A talent for lateral thinking. They do not take decisions quickly but when they do are always made logically. Being the water sign they respond well to life's ebb and flow. They can be insecure and need reassurance in relationships. They dislike discipline and can be chaotic and disorganised.

Cancer traders, may have a problem writing a trading plan in the first place, but they need one like everyone else. Like Gemini they may find this type of life very solitary, and hence need the support of others.  For them it may be better to be part of a trading group or work with other traders. Rented offices are being set up in many countries as dedicated office space for traders to use on a daily basis so that they meet and work with other traders in a supportive way. Record keeping could be an issue. As for Gemini, they may be better suited to lower risk investment and trading.

star sign LeoLeo - 23rd July - 22nd August

Larger than life. Goal orientated and very competitive. They are able to handle crisis very well. Enthusiastic, courageous and ambitious Leo's are also very practical and tend to work through problems. The sign of fire ruled by the sun.

Probably attracted to the trading lifestyle. Ironically being highly competitive they may find the isolation and lack of competition an issue. Working in a shared office environment may solve this issue.  Would probably trade currency markets and higher risk derivatives well.

star sign VirgoVirgo - 23rd August - 22nd September

Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Good at handling money. They are meticulous with with detail but can sometimes fail to see the bigger picture. Being perfectionists, even minor setbacks can make them feel disheartened.

Virgo - another star sign where a trading plan will be critical to their success, otherwise the will give up. Record keeping and attention to detail will not be a problem for them, but their attention to detail may stop them looking at longer term trends in the markets or at factors outside their normal line of vision. As traders they would probably do better to start with the lower risk markets, before attempting to trade higher risk derivatives.

star sign LibraLibra - 23rd September - 22nd October

The air sign ruled by plant Venus. Librans can be very creative and diplomatic, but work and productivity can be affected by moods. Can have a tough time making decisions.

Libra traders will need a solid business plan  to overcome the mood swings. But being creative they may well take to technical analysis and the study of charts quicker than most, which will give them an edge in reading the markets. Chart reading is more of an art than a science, so this will suit them well.

star sign ScorpioScorpio - 23rd October - 21st November

Powerful and intense sign ruled by Pluto. Highly motivated and should do well in jobs requiring a great deal of concentration. Can appear calm but hide deep emotions. They have a great deal of willpower and can pursue goals with single-mindedness.

Calmness under pressure is a good trait to have in trading! With a trading plan much of the emotional pressure is removed, but nevertheless it is still required in taking profits off the table. Scorpio traders could suffer from a refusal to admit defeat. In general they would probably be suited to all levels of trading.

star sign SagittariusSagittarius - 22nd November - 21st Dec.

Ruled by Jupiter. Bold and unafraid of taking risks. Can procrastinate and not fond of routine. Likes new thrills. They have an optimistic outlook on life and are extremely easy going and good company.

Being optimistic they will probably always tend to trade the long side of the market rather than the short side. Being natural risk takers they may overextend this risk at times, so a sound trading plan is critical. They will probably prefer the higher risk derivatives markets for trading such as options and currency or spread betting. 

star sign CapricornCapricorn - 22nd December - 19th January

Ruled by Saturn. Good with money and financially savvy, but not risk takers. Practical and business like they prefer a step by step approach than use intuition. Hard working, they have a practical approach to life and are motivated by money success and status.

Capricorn traders would be practical and business like in their approach. Writing a trading plan would be first in the list of things to do! Their approach would be planned and methodical probably starting with the lower risk cash markets and gradually building on their expereince.  

star sign AquariusAquarius - 20th January - February 18th

Ruled by Uranus. Analytical in thought and good at planning. They tend to have a positive attitude and are rarely deterred by setbacks. Can sometimes appear aloof, but can experience deep emotional experiences.

They have much in common with Capricorn traders. Self motivated the isolation would not be a problem for them in their trading, but at times they could over analyse the situation and suffer from analysis paralysis. Would be able to trade a range of markets from lower risk to higher.

star sign PiscesPisces - 19th February - 20th March

Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Highly imaginative but they cannot tolerate too much discipline, or anything that makes them feel shackled. They can be dreamers and very emotional but are always receptive to new ideas. They can be worriers.

Pisces traders may have been attracted to the lifestyle idea of trading in the first place. Being imaginative they will have no problem with the analysis if charts which should make them good traders. They will however need a solid trading plan to take the emotions out of trading decisions.  

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I hope you enjoyed this new page in online trading financial astrology - perhaps not so quite light-hearted after all!!

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